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About The Show

Congratulations: You’re old! You’ve been going to see Foo Fighters shows for 25 years now! What better way to celebrate than joining the band in commemorating its silver anniversary in some of the same cities where the first FF shows took place in 1995? The Foo Fighters’ 2020 Van Tour will do just that, hitting a number of the same spots that Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, and Pat Smear trailblazed in a Dodge van all those years ago—in arenas this time, because aside from many of those clubs on that 1995 trek having since ceased to exist, squeezing a 2020 FF show into the few that are still around would just be too insane…

In addition to customary all-night rock n roll marathons from 1995 Van Tour veterans Grohl, Mendel, and Smear and their longtime comrades Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, and Rami Jaffee, each and every 2020 Van Tour show will feature a very special opening attraction: A sneak peek at an excerpt from Dave Grohl’s brand new documentary WHAT DRIVES US. Foo Fighters' 2020 Van Tour will feature a short preview from Dave’s deep dive into what possesses a particular tribe of human beings to leave behind jobs, families, relationships and any semblance of sanity to climb into a busted ass econoline and take their music to the people--or at least a dozen or so of them here and there. WHAT DRIVES US explores motivations, recounts personal anecdotes, and explores the physical and psychological toll of touring in vans via interviews with members of van tour veteran bands ranging from Black Flag and Dead Kennedys to Metallica and The Beatles, and many, many more.

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Additional Ticket Information

If you purchase tickets for the upcoming shows, but are unable to attend, Foos are working with a company called Twickets to ensure a safe, fair place for people to sell or buy spare tickets.

Via Twickets, everything is at face value (or less). If you have tickets to sell, or are looking for tickets to buy, please only use Twickets to avoid overpricing or fraud.

Fan Van Contest

The Foo Fighters Fan Van Contest will run on social media from March 2 through March 5. Fans can submit their vehicle for the contest by posting a photo of their vehicle to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #FooFanVan. The winner will be contacted on Thursday, March 5.

The contest winner will receive a Foo Fighters-themed partial vehicle wrap paid for by Chesapeake Energy Arena, two (2) tickets to the Foo Fighters concert on April 16, and a $50 gas gift card.

The wrap installation will happen around March 15-17 and will take one to two days. Winner is responsible to find their own transportation during this time without reimbursement from Chesapeake Energy Arena. The wrap must stay on the winner’s vehicle through April 16.

Chesapeake Energy Arena will schedule and pay for the cost of the removal of the wrap through a vendor of their choice. If the winner chooses their own vendor, Chesapeake Energy Arena is not liable for any cost or damages of the removal.

Chesapeake Energy Arena is not responsible for any other costs related to the vehicle during the promotional period. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance costs, traffic/parking tickets, damages, or additional charges.

Winner agrees to take and send photos of themselves and their vehicle to be used for promotional purposes by Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Winner must be 18 years of age or older. Winner must own the vehicle entered for the contest, and accept responsibility for having their vehicle wrapped.